As Winter Looms, Consider an HVAC System Upgrade with the Pros’ Help

The weather roller coaster in Cleveland OH means a gradual dipping of temperatures. As the last quarter of the year of the year looms on the horizon, it’s time to consider fixing up or upgrading your home’s heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system. To guarantee the best results, make sure you work with HVAC professionals.

“Leak? I Don’t See Any Leak…”

The first step in an HVAC upgrade is to have a professional energy audit program for your home. The object is to reevaluate every inch of the house for potential signs of heat loss due to issues like cracked insulation or lack of UV-resistant windows. One method in such an audit, an HGTV article states, is to pressurize the house and force the appearance of any gaps.


Heating and Cooling Company Receives System Replacement Certification

R.J. Mechanical, a heating and cooling company based in Cleveland, OH, is proud to announce that it has received its certification as a Columbia Gas Heating System Replacement Program Ally. The program enables the company to provide rebates for clients who will have their old boilers or furnaces replaced.

Through the Heating System Replacement Program, Columbia Gas of Ohio partners up with different heating and cooling contractors to provide discounted heating system replacement services. The replacement must be performed by certified partners (called “Allies”). The objective is to make it easier for people to replace their existing heating systems with more efficient versions, which will help them save more on energy bills in the long run and also help reduce the impact to the environment.

Replace Your Inefficient HVAC System in Cleveland, OH and Get Rebates

Columbia Gas customers in Cleveland, OH, this is for you! Replace your older furnaces and boilers with a new HVAC system and get rebates.

Cut down on those bills. Grab our special, starting June 1!

We know that homeowners in Cleveland, OH, like all the rest, are concerned about your heating and air conditioning bills. Keeping your home at the right temperature consumes more energy, after all, if you don’t have an energy-efficient system in place.

R.J. Mechanical has a cool promo that can help you address those sky-high bills. If you’re a customer of Columbia Gas, you’re entitled to rebates from the company when you decide to replace your older furnaces or boilers with a qualifying HVAC system. We have partnered with Columbia Gas recently as their contractor to support the High Efficiency Heating System Replacement Program. This promo is being offered starting June 1.