Top Heating and Cooling Services from a Columbia Gas Certified Ally

Summer might be an odd time for people to think about replacing their furnaces. Not so for Northeast Ohio, our heating and cooling service area. (You know it’s Cleveland when you have the air conditioner on at daytime and the furnace on at nighttime. Also, it won’t be longer until the weather turns again.

With this in mind, we here at R.J. Mechanical continuously look for ways to make it easier for our clients to replace their heating systems. We are proud to serve you as a certified ally of the Columbia Gas High Efficiency Heating System Replacement Program. Through this program, Columbia Gas of Ohio partners up with renowned heating and cooling contractors to ease up heating system replacement for property owners.


Common Issues that Require the Services of Cleveland HVAC Specialists

Even the most well-maintained air conditioning systems become less operational as time goes on. When that happens, homeowners will need to contact reliable experts in AC repair in Cleveland, OH so that any problems can be attended to before they develop into larger concerns. By keeping an eye out for the latest and most frequent air conditioning problems, individuals will know what warning signs to take into account in the future.

Cleveland HVAC Services: Heat Pumps for Homes in Moderate Climate

Home heating takes up around 45% of residential energy bills in the United States. From furnaces to heat pumps, heating systems have different characteristics and efficiency levels that homeowners may choose from to suit their needs. For states with moderate temperatures, heat pumps are the most effective alternative to air-conditioners.

Instead of producing heat, heat pumps transfer heat from warmer outdoor spaces into your home for balanced distribution indoors, fueled by either electricity or geothermal energy. In warm weather, the indoor heat is moved outside to provide cooler indoor air for Cleveland homes. Given such methods of heating and cooling, heat pumps have gained a reputation for efficiency and low maintenance compared to other common HVAC systems.

Get 15% OFF on Cleveland Heating and Cooling Services until Aug. 31

Summer will be here soon, and this means heat pumps in Cleveland will go on overdrive once more. As early as now, it is important to be ready before the heat wave arrives, especially since recent climate changes have given us colder winters and hotter summers.

Like we do every year, R.J. Mechanical will help you prepare your Cleveland heating and cooling devices for the upcoming summer and winter seasons. From April 1st to August 31st, 2015, we are offering a 15% discount when you call us to service your heat pumps and/or air conditioning systems.